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Diabetic Shoes

Diabetes Shoes Are Very Important

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Often times, doctors will recommend that diabetes patients purchase shoes specifically designed for their diabetic needs. Diabetes shoes are specially designed with moldable insoles that will reduce the development of sores and ulcers that lead to serious foot problems for diabetes sufferers. Look at the selection below and see if you find any you like!

When picking out the right pair of diabetic shoes, there are a few important things you should look for such as good ventilation, which will help keep your feet cool and reduce dampness. Sweat produces an environment that is ideal for infection and bacteria to grow. Due to the wound care problems that can be caused by diabetes, you should make sure the toe-area of the diabetic shoe has plenty of space above and around the toes, and is durable to help prevent any kind of injury to sensitive toes. You want a shoe that is lightweight and that will prevent any unnecessary friction that might cause infection, blisters, or calluses.

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Here is a good selection of Diabetic Shoes at good prices. Search for one's you like!

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